Are you eligible for our support?

In 2017 Investing in Infrastructure seeks to work with the following organisations:

  1. Water companies awarded a permit from MIH via the tender process.
  2. Water companies wanting to improve their facilities in order to qualify for a 20 year permit.
  3. Licenced Rural Electricity Enterprises (REEs) that want to expand their network.
  4. Licenced REEs that want to connect to households that can’t afford the connection fee.
  5. Companies that want to invest in solar energy.
  6. Financial institutions that want to invest in private infrastructure.

In coming years, we may also support:

  1. Water companies that want to expand their networks
  2. Electricity companies expanding to reach businesses.
  3. Recycling companies.

How do you apply for support?

Companies are directly approached using lists provided by the relevant Ministries. Funding offers are published on our website, on the MIH’s website and the websites of professional associations.

What kind of support do we offer?

Investing in Infrastructure offers subsidies to eligible businesses. A subsidy is a fixed amount of money given for a specific purpose with no expectation of repayment.

We only award a subsidy if it is essential for the project to proceed. We don’t invest in projects that are unsustainable, i.e. unlikely to survive even with our intervention.

We have developed a system to calculate the minimum amount to invest to make a new project or expansion viable. This amount is not negotiable. It is an offer and there is no obligation to accept.

What are the conditions?

Eligibility varies for each round of funding and may include:

  • A minimum number of households connected
  • The size of the investment
  • The permit status
  • Recent performance and investment history
  • Business reputation

Investing in Infrastructure will only support companies that respect the law and offer proper working conditions, do not use child labour and respect the environment.