Cambodia and Australia working together for shared prosperity

Australia’s strong relationship with Cambodia deepened in the late 1980s when it took a leading role in the peace process and then the UN Transitional Authority in Cambodia (1992-93). Australia has maintained a strong commitment to Cambodia’s continued development, and now that Cambodia has grown into a middle-income country, the Australian government is supporting its transition from aid recipient to trading partner.

The relevant Cambodian Ministries have made impressive progress in connecting villages to affordable and reliable water and electricity. But the Cambodian government recognises that public funds alone cannot keep pace with Cambodia’s rapidly growing infrastructure needs. By working with private companies, the Cambodian and Australian governments can expand and enhance access to basic services to a greater portion of Cambodia’s population.

The Council for the Development of Cambodia is the government body responsible for foreign investment and is the leading Implementing partner for Investing in Infrastructure, with Cambodia’s Ministry of Economy and Finance playing a strategic supervisory role.

Strategic and operational support is provided by the Ministry of Industry and Handicrafts, responsible for piped and treated water delivery, and by the Ministry of Mines and Energy, responsible for the generation and distribution of electricity.

By supporting private companies to expand their delivery of essential infrastructure, Australia is furthering Cambodia’s aspirations to become more competitive and to diversify its economic base. A key part of this support is being delivered via the Investing in Infrastructure fund that will encourage companies to expand into currently unconnected regions.