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Request For Proposal 242: Website Design and Development services


This document is a Request for Proposals (RFP) detailing information sought from potential consulting firms or individual consultants that are able to provide website design and development services.

3i is seeking proposals from all suitable firms and individuals, both in Cambodia and internationally…


Request For Proposal 242: Website Design and Development services.
Response Form.
Request For Proposal 235: Editorial Design Services

Scope of Services

The objective of this procurement is to engage a stand-by editorial design service firm or consultant who can enhance the presentation and readability of 3i’s reports based on tasking of each project. As a result of engaging an editorial design service firm, 3i will have reports and deliverables that are visually appealing, with relevant thematic design and strong branding. The final reports will enable readers to easily navigate content and data through good design, layout and other visual enhancements such as infographics.

The supplier is expected to provide the following services:

  • Editorial design services, including basic editing and proofreading services.
  • Graphic design and layout.
  • Project oversight and management, quality control.

Each task will be set out in a Task Order with the specific requirements for each project detailed. The service provider would be requested to submit a quotation for each Task Order prior to commencing work. Upon contract signing, 3i expects to issue Task Orders for several large reports (150 pages+). Additional tasks may vary in length, complexity and purpose.

In most instances, long and complex documents will have been edited by 3i’s external editing service, however some documents may not and the editorial design service provider may be required to provide basic editing and proofreading services on a case by case basis. If required, this would be set out in the Task Order for the specific project.

3i will be fully engaged in the editorial design process and will work in a participatory way with the consultant to review and identify key content areas and ensure the reports meet the overall strategic communication objectives of the 3i program.


Request For Proposal 235: Editorial Design Services
Response Form
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