Mrs. Reach Chen is a mother of two, living in Prey Veng’s Prey Chor Commune. Without electricity at home, Mrs. Chen, like everyone else in the neighborhood faced many challenges in her daily life. She did not have the time or means to embark on income generating activities.

“Before we had electricity, I used car batteries and lamps. It was difficult for my children to study since the lamp was small and not very bright. I could not do anything but wait for my husband’s salary. It was so challenging to use car batteries”, said Mrs. Chen.

However, after intervention by Australia’s Investing in Infrastructure (3i) program, the family and everyone else in the commune has access to a reliable electricity supply and enjoys using it. Mrs. Chen has also managed to embark on income generating activities at home to help generate income at home to help her family, while her children can also now study at night.

3i launched its support of Rural Electricity Enterprises in 2016 and as of 2022, 18 projects in 12 of Cambodia’s provinces have been supported to expand their network and connect over 140,000 rural villagers to the national grid. Of these people, 51% are women and girls.

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