Australia’s Investing in Infrastructure (3i) program has worked with private water operators to provide access to reliable clean piped treated water. This is a critical support for Cambodian people especially during the Covid-19 pandemic since water has been widely used to keep people clean, safe and hygienic.

The program has co-invested in 80 private water operators to help better supply piped treated water to rural Cambodians. Throughout the program, around AUD48.6 million has been invested in the piped water supply, 42% of which has been from 3i. As a result, over one million rural Cambodians have access to piped treated water, 51% of whom are women and girls.

Mr. So Mengky, a piped treated water user in Kratie province said “When I was younger, I would wonder when I would get access to clean piped treated water as my village was really small and far away. Now though, people in the entire village are happy with the clean water system. I will even soon expand my pig farm. I will include more meat-production pigs and sows, making it a medium-size farm. The water source is therefore essential for me as it can lead me to future success”.

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