Australia’s flagship program ‘Investing in Infrastructure’ (3i) has employed a unique approach called Viability Gap Financing to leverage investment from private water companies to upgrade and expand their water infrastructure and network to provide piped treated water to rural Cambodians.

The approach is well supported by the Ministry of Industry, Science, Technology and Innovation and it has proved to be a win-win for everyone concerned. Australia is committed to continuing its support for Cambodia’s piped water supply.

“Without the help from 3i, I don’t know how long it would have taken to get to where we are today. I am so grateful for the support from 3i. I received their help, and people [water users] now have easy access to piped treated water. The water pressure is so high that it flows fast, and users don’t have to turn the tap fully open to get water” said Mrs. Sak Sakun, one of the 80 private water operators who have received support from 3i program.

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