Mr. Nguon Sam Ol is the chief of Preah Theat Commune in Prey Veng province. The commune chief walked us through the challenges his community faced in trying to access to electricity before support from Investing in Infrastructure program (3i), and the benefits villagers have enjoyed after being able to access to a reliable source of electricity. “Some people had to use torches or lanterns. Everyone including me found life difficult. The power grid between 2013 to 2015 still had some problems. Since 2019 though, it is working well … After having electricity, I see that people are happy and find it easy to use electronic devices for everyday use such as cooking or operating their businesses” said Mr. Nguon Sam Ol, the commune chief. 3i, Australia’s flagship AUD51.7 million program, has supported Rural Electricity Enterprises (REE) on 18 projects across Cambodia to expand the electricity network to accelerate access to reliable electricity in rural areas. Through this initiative, over 140,000 rural Cambodians can now enjoy the benefits of a reliable, while new economic empowerment opportunities have been created in these areas as well.

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