Our core principles

Investing in Infrastructure is a flexible program, designed to adapt to changing priorities and circumstances. We don’t have a pre-approved list of activities or projects to be completed by the end of the program. Our guiding principles, approved by both the Australian and Cambodian governments are as follows:

  1. Investing in Infrastructure can only invest in projects that wouldn’t otherwise happen without our support, and we can never contribute more than the minimum needed to make companies invest.
  2. We will prioritise the projects that will deliver the maximum social and economic benefit and offer the highest value for money.
  3. We can only support investments that will be sustainable; that will continue to be viable beyond the life of the program.
  4. We use fair and transparent mechanisms to select the projects that will improve lives and minimise the possibility of any negative impacts.
  5. We can only support companies that have a good reputation and abide by all local laws.