Through Australia’s flagship AUD 51.7 million Investing in Infrastructure (3i) program, we have worked with 80 water operators across Cambodia to establish and expand water infrastructure. This supplies reliable piped treated water to over one million rural Cambodians.

Narun is a person living with visual impairment in Kratie Province. He is a father of two and spends most of his time at home taking care of his children, doing household chores, cooking and cleaning. His wife sells food and snacks in the neighborhood and also raises pigs and chickens to earn extra income to support the family.

Through 3i, Narun’s home has been connected to reliable piped treated water, making these activities possible and significantly helping Narun’s family support themselves.

Access to clean piped treated water also empowers women. Narun’s wife says she feels empowered as she has been able to save time fetching water, time which she can now spend on her business.

Australia is proud of enabling access to clean piped treated water for persons with disabilities in Cambodia.

Watch Narun’s full story in the video below!

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