What is the selection process?

What is the selection process?

Investing in Infrastructure, in consultation with the relevant ministries, determines the conditions of the funding as follows:

  1. We approach the relevant candidates and request a proposal or an expression of interest.
  2. We then check the proposals and calculate the potential subsidy required
  3. Our calculations are presented to the independent Oversight Committee for approval.
  4. If the Oversight Committee approves, Investing in Infrastructure discusses the specific conditions with the company and can offer a contract.
  5. Payments are only made when the agreed outputs are delivered.

The Tendering process:

Investing in Infrastructure also works with the MIH’s tendering process as follows:

  1. MIH identifies the locations for the tendering process
  2. Investing in Infrastructure and the MIH prepare a Feasibility Study and any necessary supporting documents
  3. We then seek approval for funding from the Oversight Committee
  4. A call for tenders is announced by the MIH, including the additional support from Investing in Infrastructure
  5. We will then work with the Ministry to assess the bids
  6. The MIH selects a winning company and offers a permit
  7. Investing in Infrastructure offers the company a contract for the financial support

How can I apply?

If you are eligible for a subsidy, Investing in Infrastructure will contact you directly or indirectly. Funding opportunities will be announced via our website and the Ministry’s website as mentioned above.