The AUD 51.7 million flagship Investing in Infrastructure (3i) program is proud to have supported Cambodia to bring clean water to rural areas through our co-investments in 80 water operators across the country.

Below is the story of Mrs. Sao Si, a villager who benefited from the program. Mrs. Sao Si runs a local restaurant in her village. With reliable, pressurized piped treated water available at home, she has saved time and managed to expand her business by increasing the variety of food on her menu and opening her business more regularly. In the video, Mrs. Sao Si walks us through her water use journey and the challenges she has faced along the way, while showing us how piped treated water has benefited her and her family.

“Since I started to use treated water, I am selling more than I used to. I don’t need to spend time looking for water. I can get access to it whenever I want. It is so satisfying. Previously, I could sell only two types of food. I can now sell up to four. It is both time and cost efficient for us”, said Mrs. Sao Si.

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