Why we work with the private sector

During our initial research, it became clear that private sector expansion of Cambodia’s infrastructure was stalling because all the locations offering the best return on investment were already covered. The private sector delivery model had almost reached its limits.

We asked Cambodian entrepreneurs in the infrastructure sector what was preventing their expansion and they told us: money. Some had projects with good potential returns, but had trouble accessing the necessary capital.

For others, additional support was needed to make their business expansion more viable and sustainable.

Our program is designed to offer subsidies that will supplement private sector investments and create viable and sustainable businesses.

Investing in Infrastructure offers support via funding rounds where companies are invited to register an expression of interest if they meet certain criteria. These criteria are established in consultation with the relevant Cambodian ministries.

All interested companies are subject to selection via a competitive bidding process and are screened against Investing in Infrastructure’s assessment tools to determine the company offering the highest social benefit per dollar.

For more detailed descriptions of our processes and activities please read our Annual Work Plan and 6-Monthly Reports here.